Professional, Convenient, and Economic Honolulu Office Space
Whether you are starting a new business or Rightsizing your small business, we can help! 
What We Offer:

Mail & Print Services


24 Hour Access


Day Office


Support Services


Private Offices


Telephone Answering

wifi (1).png

High Speed Internet/WIFI Access


Guest Reception & Lobby


Professional Address


Friendly Office Support Staff


Conference Rooms Seat 4-8 People


Covered Parking

meeting Rooms

Leave the coffee shops and give your clients the privacy they deserve. Free Wi-Fi with every reservation.

RS Mail

Prestigious Business Address


Mail Services





RS office

16 Hours of Workstation Usage


License Hanging






20 Hours of Workstation and Meeting Room Usage


Local 808 business number






25 Hours of Workstation and Meeting Room Usage



Private Mail Box w/ 24-Hour Access




Resource Suites has helped hundreds of local small businesses just like yours since 2008!

Check out what they have to say!

"This was a great find in Waikiki near my hotel where I was able to use wifi in a quiet co-working space. The receptionist was really friendly and helped me get all set up with everything I needed to have a productive workday! Will definitely be back."

- Rosetta T.

"I've been with Resource Suites for about 4 years now and am certainly satisfied. Firstly, I love the business concept and am all about efficiency. Of course, the space checks off all of the requirements needed for an office. Additionally, having the ability to have a business space in a prime Waikiki location, but to be able to share the prime location for rent with other like-minded professionals is a great advantage to me. It's a progressive and non-wasteful concept to me. The environment in the office is always comfortable with Shane-nah and her team pleasantly greeting people as they walk in and being efficiently accommodating with people's needs. They are surely my favorite part of the Resource Suites experience."

- Jeff W.

"This is exactly the kind of service that Hawaii needs for young professionals.  I've lived in large cities (SF, LA, etc) where they have similar hybrid office concepts (especially in the budding start-up world of silicon valley).  I searched high and low for a "cubicle to rent" in Honolulu and finally found Resource Suites."

- Krista K.

"Located on the third floor of the Landmark Waikiki building, Resource Suites is a hybrid office built for entrepreneurs, start-ups and people like me who work in their pajamas. You can rent a furnished office space or just work out of the general work space and get your mail sent there. No more PO Box for me! I usually set-up in the cubicle side with my laptop and get an amazing amount of work done during the days that I choose to be there. The problem sometimes with working out of your home is that you often have the distractions of your personal life around you such as laundry, dishes, TV, random food, etc. When you work out of a virtual office such as this you can just concentrate on the tasks at hand."

- Emi H.

I'd strongly recommend using Resource Suites. One of the greatest benefits they offer is flexibility. Their answer to all of my questions was "yes," and when they hadn't done it before, they found a way to make it happen. Maybe the second best part of their service is no hidden fees/expenses. Very straight-forward and affordable at Resource Suites. They've really found the sweet spot for serviced/virtual office solutions: flexible and affordable without sacrificing location quality. Oh, and the parking deal might be the best set up in Waikiki - ask them about it.

- Gerald B.