Business Addresses: Are They Important?

Within the past 10 years, there has been an incredible boom in entrepreneurship across the globe. From small-scale online-only specialty shops to Silicon Valley-esque tech start-ups, the amount of people working from home has only been increasing. However, working from home has its number of problems, not the least of which is the lack of a professional business address. Without a business address, quite a few issues could pop up, varying from industry to industry. For example:

Trust and credibility. Some clients may steer away from businesses that provide no contact address or only a PO box number. In this age where online stores and transactions make scamming people easier than ever, potential clients or customers harbor worries that businesses without physical addresses might disappear without a trace. Depending on your type of business, being able to present potential clients with a physical address at which they can contact you may help your business build both trust and credibility.

Professional image. According to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2011, more than half of businesses responding to the 2007 Survey of Business Owners were home-based businesses. Despite these statistics, however, it can be difficult for a home-based business to shake the image some clients may have of the professional who works exclusively from home. A physical address provides your business with a more polished, professional image.

Meeting place for clients. While it's certainly feasible to meet clients at their places of business or conduct meetings at your local coffee shop, there is a modicum of professionalism, privacy, and control that comes from having your own space to meet. Having a place where you can meet clients not only helps your business to build trust and credibility, it enhances your business's professional image.

There are very few solutions to the problems listed above, aside from renting a space (and that ain't cheap). While you can always pursue listing your home address as that of your business, there is a reasonable degree of hesitation that accompanies this decision. Luckily, this entire dilemma is exactly what Resource Suites was created for!

With access to a variety of meeting rooms, administrative services, and quiet workspaces for free from distraction, our company is 100% geared towards helping those whom a full-time office just wouldn't make sense. We also add a touch of further professionalism to your business, putting your business name on our office directory and creating a door sign for your business in the event of a meeting taking place in our facility.

Not only do we exist to simultaneously provide you with privacy and professionalism, but we also provide services to make life easier. Private mail-boxes (accessible 24/7) and mail forwarding services (in which we forward all mail received directly to an address of your choice at the end of every week) are just some of the services that we provide! Lists of our various plans and services can be viewed at either or

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