Ensuring a Successful Meeting at Resource Suites

Resource Suites offers multiple kinds of meeting and conference rooms ranging from a conference room with a beautiful view to a private office rentable by the hour, with reservations that can be made in real-time through LiquidSpace.com. We offer high-speed Wi-Fi, coffee/tea, a whiteboard, incredibly affordable parking (only $1/hr for up to 8 hours!), and print/scan/copy services. Even with these commodities, we would like to outline a few helpful tips to ensure that your meeting at Resource Suites is as successful as possible.

- Appointment Reminders: Before the day of the appointment, it may be a good idea to reach out to the client you're meeting to confirm your appointment and remind them of the time! An eagerness to properly coordinate with them can exhibit professionalism.

- Door Signs: Our meeting rooms have door signs which are interchangeable and can be changed out in a matter of minutes. If you'd prefer, you can send us a high-resolution picture of your logo for us to fashion into a door sign for your meeting. During your reservation, the space is entirely yours and should be exhibited as such.

- Office Directions: Getting to the Waikiki Landmark and our own personal suite can be a little confusing. To alleviate any stress that you and the person/people you're meeting may have, it's paramount that you are able to provide clear directions. The Waikiki Landmark is an iconic building with a combination of residential and commercial suites. Because of this, there are two parking lots-- one that is gated intended for residents and another for shops. Our parking is located off the Ala Wai Blvd with a large "Parking For Shops" sign above the second driveway. Pull a ticket at the gate and park in any spot you wish! As for our office suite C312, simply take the escalators or elevators up (to P3 for elevators), turn right at Salon Cherie, and continue slightly to the left, following the signs to C312.

- Greeting Clients: Would you like us to greet your clients in any particular way? In the details of your reservation on LiquidSpace, you are able to provide us with the name of the person you're meeting as well as any additional specialized greeting to even further customize your and your client's experience at our office here.

- Client Treatment: Resource Suites offers exceptional administrative assistance, with one of the duties being greeting incoming clients/visitors according to any instructions. If you have a preference between us having the client wait for you to come out and greet them or directing them back to your meeting room upon arrival, please do let us know so we can maintain as professional and coordinated an image as possible for you. We are here to make you look as good as possible.

- Time Management: Please be mindful of your reservation time! To maintain a professional image and complete privacy, it's incredibly important to ensure that you will not be interrupted by the person who may have a reservation after you, nor that you are infringing on the time of someone else.

If there are any additional accommodations you would like us to make, please don't be afraid to tell us! We exist to make your lives easier, making it our business to help you succeed in yours.

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