Live Receptionists: An Underrated Blessing

We all know the pain-- calling a business's support or contact line with a real issue or request, only to be greeted by an automated voice. If you're lucky, one of the menu options will be to speak to a customer service rep, but not until after you try, repeatedly, to explain to automated Susan what your problem is in a "few keywords" so she can connect you to the right person.

Dealing with an automated voice is incredibly frustrating and can make you feel undervalued. It creates frustration with the company itself and can make them seem impersonal, insensitive, and a little cheap. Below are just a few reasons why the investment into a live receptionist is definitely one to consider making.

1. Easy scheduling: A live answering service is crucial for businesses that operate on an appointment basis, such as medical practices. Receptionists can take the hassle of scheduling right out of the hands of an already busy professional.

2. Efficiency: Skip the long-winded process of stating a reason for the call and waiting to be transferred to the right department. With a live receptionist, messages, appointment scheduling, and questions can all be handled in the same place with ease.

3. Never miss a call: No matter what's going on in the business, whether the day is completely stacked or the boss is on vacation, a friendly and professional receptionist will be available to represent you and your business.

4. First impressions: An empty front desk can be confusing and off-putting for visitors and can prompt them to either leave entirely or to walk around and ask the first person they find for help. Between the unprofessional image of an empty front desk and the disruption in productivity (or potential security issues) that wandering guests can cause, there is no substitute for a live in-house receptionist.

5. Specialized customer service: Sure, robots can get the job done... for the most part. But sometimes, some situations can only be handled by a true, genuine person. Receptionists can adjust how they interact with certain people to better cater to their wishes and add a personal touch to every interaction that an automatic voice just cannot accomplish.

A live receptionist can truly make your customers and clients feel heard, valued, and understood. With functions that can range from basic scheduling to office administration, they can simultaneously boost your company image and functionality.

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